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LSR Snippet Nr. 511


In some notational conventions beams are allowed to extend over rests. Depending on preference, these beams may drop 'stemlets' to help the eye appreciate the rhythm better, and in some modern music the rest itself is omitted and only the stemlet remains.

This snippet shows a progression from traditional notation, to beams over the rest, to stemlets over the rest, to stemlets alone. Stemlets are generated by overriding the 'stemlet-length property of Stem, while rests are hidden by setting 'transparent = ##t. Some \markup elements are included in the source to highlight the different notations.



\paper { ragged-right = ##f }

  c'16^\markup { traditional } d' r f'
  g'16[^\markup { beams over rests } f' r d']

  % N.B. use Score.Stem to set for the whole score.
  \override Staff.Stem.stemlet-length = #0.75

  c'16[^\markup { stemlets over rests } d' r f']
  g'16[^\markup { stemlets and no rests } f'
  \once \hide Rest
  r16 d']