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Using Scheme to display the list of all supported midi instruments

LSR Snippet Nr. 392


Supported MIDI instruments are defined in the file scm/midi.scm. Using scheme, one can easily create a lilypond file displaying all supported midi names automatically.

The way to do this is to load the midi.scm file and then creating a \markup for each midi instrument definition. This is done by a markup-list function written in Scheme. The resulting list of markups can then be displayed using \markuplist.



%% see also

%LSR upgrade by David Kastrup

\header { title = "Creating the list of all supported midi instruments" }

% We apply a lambda function to the list (instrument-names-alist) of instrument definitions
% That function simply creates a markup containing the name as a simple string (the first
% entry of the instrument definition is the name, thus the (car instr).
% Since we return a list of markups, we have to define that function as a markup-list command

#(define-markup-list-command (midi-instruments-markup-list layout props) ()
  (interpret-markup-list layout props
    (map (lambda (instr) (markup (car instr))) (@@ (lily) instrument-names-alist))))

% simply display the list of markups generated by the function above
\markuplist \midi-instruments-markup-list